HKN@HKU, as similar to other HKN chapters, focuses on excellence in both academia and career. Our events are designed to boost relevant capabilities of our members and fellow students. We mainly have 3 tracks of events: member relationship, academic enhancement, and career preparation.


Member relationship includes recruiting new members, holding induction to initial formally our new comers, gathering lunch and/or dinner, annual feedback discussions and etc.

Academic enhancement is mainly consist of the peer tutoring hours in which our members need to contribute as helpful peers for our fellow students on some subjects, discussing questions, exams and etc. We are also promoting a Research Exposure and Innovative Study (REIS) project which aims to build a platform that can help students get more knowledge about research in a earlier stage.

Career preparation is composed of job sharing talks, technical talks, and on-site visiting. On job sharing talks, our graduated members will be invited back to share about their experiences and lessons as a new starter in their careers. While technical talks will invite some company officers to share their meaningful stories and wisdom. On-site visiting will possibly reveal more insight of your future work places.


More details can be found in our past, upcoming, and future events.