Past events

2015.2.12 Job Sharing Session

Four of our former fellow students, Thomas Leung (MTR), Smith Tsai (EMSD), Charles Wong (HKE) and Tony Wong (ARUP), are invited back to our campus with their insights and stories shared to our EEE students.

As fresh graduates and new-comer in the company, of course they faced difficulties and challenges. But only with these problems overcomed, they can truely start their career and prepare for bigger take offs. How they handled such troubles? What they have acquired and learned? We believe such questions are of great interests to our students.

Attracted by such interesting and useful stories, although the event started at 7pm, we have many guys with their keen to know all these things showed up. The event turned up to be quite successful. Good interaction was achieved. The talk is followed by hot discussions and we have collected feedback forms from each attendance.

Hope everyone enjoy our Job sharing session! We will keep working to have more such meaningful events for our students.

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2014.10.24 Induction Ritual

The annual Induction Ritual is the single biggest even for HKN. It initiates new members with their name signed on the logbook and excellence recognized.

Located in CPD 2.19, we have our faculty advisor Professor Paul Cheung and all our new members attended.





Our officers announced the three core merits we are seeking for, Scholarship, Character and Attitude.



Then all new members are introduced. Led by Professor Cheung, members swore on our Oath with their right hand raised.




Having our family photo and casual chatting with snacks!

IMG_7976 IMG_7974




2014.9.18 Information Session

The 2014-2015 information session is launched on 2014.9.18. We are very honored to have Prof. Paul Cheung and Dr. Hayden So, as our guests, to introduce HKN society and share their experience with students. Our president Christopher provides more details on recruiting criteria. The session ends with a free discussion.





2014 Orientation Promotion

We have been giving brief promotion talk for the HKN society.

Look forward to see your guys in our recruitment talk!

Let’s bring flourish to this new Chapter!

On EEE department undergraduate orientation:


IMG_1373    IMG_1374

On EEE RPG Orientation:

IMG_1376    IMG_1381


2012 Ritual

This is the formal foundation moment of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Lambda Iota Chapter in HKU.

IEEE-EKN-Formation  (Jan. 2012)-2

“I sincerely promise that I will live up to . . . in word and

in deed . . . the principles for which IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu

stands. . . To the members now and to those to come

after . . . I bind myself to the faithful observance of these

promises. . . I give my solemn word of honor.”


IEEE-EKN-Formation (Jan. 2012)-1

IEEE-EKN-Formation  (Jan. 2012)-3