Prospective members

Why HKN?

The HKN is one of the world’s most influential EEE & CS honor societies. Being the first HKU chapter outside the U.S., the Lambda Iota chapter at HKU provides various kinds of services to EEE and CS students.

Department Relationships

HKN serves as an essential link between EEE & CS undergraduate students, postgraduate students and the faculty members. As one of the very few organizations in HKU that extend the membership from professors to students, HKN connects faculty members and students tightly together.

Industrial & Academic Recognition

HKN is a highly recognized honor society by most of the major companies, research institutes, and universities in the U.S. Therefore, being a member of HKN speaks a thousand words, whether one plans to work in industry, pursue an advanced degree, or join the world of academia. Furthermore, Lambda Iota chapter will manage a CV database of all members. These database will open to companies when they look for the best candidates for their job openings.


HKN membership is applicable to ALL EEE & CS faculty members, ALL Ph.D. students, M.Sc./M.Phil. students with a B.Eng., First Class Honors, or equivalent, and undergraduate students in the top quarter (25%) of the junior class and top third (33%) of the senior class, who demonstrate a commitment to serve the fellow students. Undergraduate students who fail to meet the academic requirements may also be considered for membership if they demonstrate strong leadership skills, high social responsibility, or exceptional commitment to serve the Lambda Iota chapter. HKN embodies not only the prestige of academic achievement, but also the spirit of leadership and service. HKN membership is lifetime and, therefore, once joined, one will carry the honor of HKN throughout his/her whole life and career.

Committee Members

HKN constantly seeks the best undergraduate students to join the committee and help organizing chapter activities, building industrial relationships, maintaining public relationships, and etc.



Bulletin Summation: 

Recruitment criteria:

1. All faculty members;

2. All Ph.D. students;

3. M.Sc./M.Phil. students with a B.Eng with First Class Honors or equivalent;

4. Top quarter (25%) of junior undergraduate students;

5. Top third (33%) of senior undergraduate students;

What to expect from HKN:

1. International recognition of academic excellence;

2. International alumni circles;

3. Lifetime membership;

4. Academic and career support;

5. Reach-out opportunities;